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Birmingham, United Kingdom (25 June 2010) – CardCube, a leading UK-based provider of online birthday cards and other personalized greetings, has announced the launch of its brand new website and SMS text messaging service.

CardCube is an online service that allows users to send personalized e-Cards to their friends and family for a number of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Their new website is easy to use and instantly accessible for first-time visitors. Cardcube pride itself on its new site, which they claim is ideal for those who wish to experience the minimum of fuss and construct a personalized e-Card for their friends as quickly as possible.

What CardCube feel sets them apart from their competition, however, is their brand new SMS text messaging service – launched concurrently with their new web presence. The service will get in touch with the recipient of the e-Cards whenever one has been sent to them, alerting them that they have a message online to view. They will then be given access details so they can log into CardCube and view the message at their leisure.

“We’re really pleased with how the new website looks and feel that it categorizes all of our sections neatly and informatively for first-time visitors,” says Kamran Khan of CardCube. “Creating a CardCube e-Card is so easy but is sure to brighten the day of the recipient. We’re also delighted with the accessibility of our SMS service and how quickly it can inform your friends and family that you have just sent them a CardCube message. We invite all interested parties to visit our website and experiment with all our CardCube messages and games.”

To find out more about CardCube’s SMS service, you can visit their brand new website at

About CardCube:

CardCube is an online website that allows users to send digital greeting cards, surprise e-Cards, and e-Games to their friends and family. CardCube’s digital messages are fun and quirky and can be tailored for all sorts of special occasions including birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, public holidays, and many more besides. CardCube also offers an SMS text service, so recipients will be alerted through their mobile phones the instant they receive their personalized greeting cards.

Contact CardCube:
2nd Floor,
3 Brindley Place,
B1 2JB

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