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England – 9/2/2013 – People who are struggling to easily and affordably contact John Lewis customer services can have their problems banished thanks to the UK website ‘fastphonenumber’.

Many Britons can probably relate to the anguish of persistently endeavoring to find a very particular telephone number for a very particular department of a very particular company, only to struggle to find the number anywhere even on the company’s website. Many Britons could probably similarly relate to the pain of using such a number only to incur horribly high charges doing so. Thankfully, though, Britons wishing to contact John Lewis customer services easily and affordably can do so with help from the online telephone number directory ‘fastphonenumber’.

The ultimate aim of ‘fastphonenumber’ is to connect many Britons to particular departments of particular companies, including the John Lewis customer services department, in a manner that saves these people considerable time and effort. This online telephone number directory maintains thousands of telephone numbers for all of the major UK companies, including Apple, O2, Vodafone, the Child Support Agency, Admiral, and Aviva.

John Lewis customer services can be contacted quickly and affordably
This online telephone number directory does not use expensive messages to tell people the telephone numbers that they need; instead, it redirects people at low costs from a mere 10 pence a minute from a landline, with possibly higher charges from a mobile. ‘fastphonenumber’ is not associated or affiliated with any of the companies featured on its website; however, it can still enable quick, easy and financially inexpensive access to John Lewis customer services.

A ‘fastphonenumber’ spokesperson stated: “We are one of the fastest growing directories of UK company phone numbers, which helps to explain why many people turn to us when they are struggling to contact a particular department of a particular company in an easy and cost-effective manner. We eagerly anticipate many people enjoying stress-free experiences of contacting John Lewis customer services thanks to the ‘fastphonenumber’ online telephone number directory.”

The future growth of the popularity of the ‘fastphonenumber’ website could be especially encouraged by any rise in the number of people using the World Wide Web (WWW) to look for an especially straightforward and financially appealing way of contacting John Lewis customer services or, indeed, any of many other departments of many other UK companies.

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