Manchester, United Kingdom (March 11, 2011) – Charger 4 U, leading specialists in laptop chargers and other laptop power supplies, comment on the importance of having spare laptop batteries for the home or office.

Charger 4 U provide a diverse collection of compatible and original laptop chargers and batteries for an extensive range of personal computers, including Acer, Advent, Dell, Gateway and Samsung laptop chargers. Charger 4 U can also offer a wholesale service which will allow organisations to buy laptop chargers and batteries in bulk.

Charger 4 U recently commented on the importance of spare laptop batteries in the home and office, as without replacement laptop batteries on hand, working operations may draw to a standstill until a power socket can be located – which is not always easy when on the move. Charger 4 U believe that laptop owners should therefore consider purchasing a spare laptop battery to ensure that when not near a power socket, their primary battery can quickly be replaced when it runs down with the ready-charged spare, and business operations or personal online activities can be resumed without delay.

A spokesperson for Charger 4 U commented: “Laptop batteries can quickly run out of life if they are subject to continual use, so it is important laptop owners ensure they care for their laptop batteries so they can be used for numerous years to come. However, here at Charger 4 U we understand that many people have to transport their laptop with them when out of the home or office, which is why we recommend they buy a spare laptop battery just in case their battery runs flat when on the move. We are delighted to offer our customers a range of laptop batteries to fit any laptop or notebook on the market, which are extremely affordable and reliable.”

For more information on Charger 4 U and their laptop batteries, visit their website at or telephone 0161 834 9445.

About Charger 4 U:

Charger 4 U are a Manchester based supplier of compatible electrical chargers and adaptors. Established in 2007, this company provides a cheap electrical charger alternative to branded electrical products. Their products are available for purchase 24 hours a day, and have a compatible charger range for products such as Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Advent, plus many more.


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