England 18/09/2012 – After a miserable summer thousands give in and book a holiday abroad

So far, September has been a busy month for the travel industry and the signs are the rest of 2012 will be too. For the first time in a long time the number of people travelling abroad for their holidays is rising. One of the main reasons for this is the increased availability of cheap all inclusive holidays.

The other factor is, of course, the weather. This summer has been amongst the worst on record. Many people had decided they could not really afford a full holiday this year, so planned to go on days out and short breaks in the UK instead. However, they waited and waited for a break in the weather only for it not to come, so they stayed at home. Naturally, by now, people were desperate for a break, and when they saw how cheap all-inclusive deals had become it seems they could not resist any longer. Thousands have booked a trip abroad as a direct result of the fact that they can go on all-inclusive holidays.

An all-inclusive deal is easy to budget for. Holidaymakers know that everything they need is right there on their doorstep and that they do not need to take much spending cash with them. This means no nasty shocks when the credit card bill comes in. They may buy the holiday on their credit card, but can very easily budget for those repayments and work out the true cost of their holiday in advance.

The Queen’s jubilee and the Olympics played a part

It also seems that the Olympics may have been a factor in people waiting so long to book their holidays. It appears that many people did not want to be away from the UK during the Queen’s Jubilee and that they wanted to watch the Olympics too. Firms like Cheap Beach Holidays noticed a definite jump in interest and enquires a few days after the Olympics finished. This suggested to them and others in the travel industry that people were actively waiting for the end of the Olympics before going on holiday.

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