Freestanding Sign Holders Offer Exhibition And Trade Show Benefits

Leicester, UK September 19th 2012 – Trade shows and exhibitions can prove a highly beneficial means of promoting a business. Organisations of any size and stature can attend these events and enjoy equal opportunities to promote their services to an audience of targeted leads that have an active interest in the products or services that are being offered. To enjoy the greatest benefits, the trade show exhibitor will have to offer exceptional information as well as an ability to convert. Promotional material will help improve the number of people that visit a particular stall or stand.

With freestanding sign holders, professionals can include their own branding and offer information regarding their services or products. This information can be formatted and displayed in a positive and attractive manner giving it greater exposure and ensuring that passers-by pay attention to the display. More eyes on the signs means more people will stop and talk to the exhibitor which should lead to more leads, more conversions, and a more profitable trade show attendance.

There are different styles and designs of sign holders available. Freestanding units do not need to be attached to anything which makes them especially suitable for use at exhibitions and trade shows. They can also be used to display information within a building providing companies with a viable means of directing the flow of traffic where they want within their business premises.

RAL Display Marketing has 30 years of expertise and experience in the display advertising industry and offers a large range of display advertising products including sign holders as well as pop up stands, screens and dividers, and more. These items can make a beneficial addition to any marketing campaign, whether it is an in office solution or for display away from the business premises.


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