Cheshire wedding photographers are kept busy

England – 15/03/2012 – Cheshire wedding photographers buck the trend

Cheshire wedding photographers have had a better year than they were anticipating. Many in the industry expected the recession to hit their profession hard, but this does not appear to have happened. People are still investing in having good quality photographs taken of their wedding day; as a result, work has been steady for many photographers in the county.

However, people are not spending as much on their weddings as they used to, so may not order as many copies of their wedding photos as they may have once done. They are also opting for cheaper album styles, but they are still having photographers there for the whole day. A few are negotiating the cost down further, by not having the photographer there throughout the whole day. For example forgoing photographs of the bride getting ready at home, but not everyone is taking this approach.

Cheshire wedding photographers go the extra mile

However, it is not just the customers who have changed their habits to cope with the recession. Many of the county’s photographers realised that to continue to fill their order books they would have to change the kind of service that they offered. Therefore, many looked at ways to add value to the service that they already offer. They decided to branch out and offer different services. For example offering a destination wedding service, so that people who marry outside of the UK can access a UK style wedding photography service. Some photographers now allow friends and relatives to help to pay for a couple’s wedding photos by buying them gift vouchers in advance.

Many Cheshire wedding photographers offer far more than just a wedding photography service. They continue to photograph couples throughout other important occasions in their lives, for example the birth of children, special anniversaries and birthdays.

Foley Photography is an example of this new approach. They are a well-established firm of Cheshire wedding photographers, who have taken advantage of new technology to advertise their services in different ways and to provide a more varied service to their clients. They offer a contemporary style that appeals to many modern couples.


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