Choose a Colour Theme for a Home Decor Revolution or Colour Themes for a Home Decor Revolution

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England 2/11/2012- Colour themes to accessorise and decorate your home; a remarkable choice at

Key the search term ‘define colour themes’ into Google and you get zero results. Change the spelling to the American term ‘colour themes’ and you get told that the term means ‘a set of design elements you can use in a slide presentation. None of which sounds very interesting, let alone relevant for people wanting to accessorise their home.

However, it actually is relevant to them. It is in fact a new way of buying home decor items, which the independent retailer Home Colours has introduced to the UK. Their passion is colour. The company’s motto is ‘colour excites, colour delights, colour enhances’. They believe that using colour as the foundation is key to successfully accessorising and decorating a home.

They source innovative, contemporary and creative pieces from across the world. The items they look at are colourful, imaginative, and in many cases bold. They are designed to be practical to use yet also make a statement and really enhance a room.

Everything they sell is available only on the web. It is on their website that the magic begins. Rather than having to search for items simply by type or room, they have come up with a colour led way for people to accessorise their homes.

You can search for accessories by colour. If you choose blue you will be presented with everything they sell that is blue. However, with a few mouse clicks, you can narrow the search down to blue items, for your kitchen. Two clicks later, you can narrow it down to blue glass bowls made by your favourite kitchen wear designer Leonardo.

Home Colours bring colour themes shopping to the masses

This innovative approach is remarkable. It really works, saving consumers time, and the frustration of not being able to find an item in the right colour or shade to match their existing decor. Words truly cannot describe what a step forward their approach to selling home accessories is, you really have to visit the Home Colours website to truly appreciate this new and innovative service.


Home Colours Limited

Unit 12 Lea Hall Enterprise Park

Wheelhouse Road, Rugeley

Staffordshire, UK

Zip: WS15 1LH

Tel: 0808 100 2220



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