14/12/2012 – CADSTAR PCB design software is the only expert desktop design solution you will ever need.

CADSTAR is one of the most innovative pieces of PCB design software to be made available in recent years. It provides users with a full-service design environment for PCB design, allowing users to complete every stage of their design from concept to production, with one simple piece of software.

CADSTAR is basically a unified suite of applications that includes everything designers will need including schematic, Hi-speed, signal integrity, 3D, and manufacturing verification to name but a few of its fantastic features. It can be used by layout professionals, design engineers, and high-speed design specialists, with ease, so that they can implement and check out their ideas before bringing them to fruition.

The software is already used by many PCB design companies who find the software to be fast and flexible, allowing them to create a range of complex designs quickly and professionally. The software is also designed in such a way that it supports creativity at every stage and it can be customized to support a range of different elements, depending on how the designer wishes to work.

CADSTAR is a market leader which has already helped thousands of people to make their work simpler. The software is professional, powerful, and competitively priced, which makes it the best choice for designers working on a budget.

If you order CADSTAR Board ModelerLite software before March 2013, you will even receive a free space mouse that will allow you to pan, zoom and rotate your work as if you are actually holding the model in the palm of your hand.

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