Security Companies Expand Their Monitoring Options

England 20/04/2012 – More security companies in the UK are offering CCTV and video monitoring

Security companies are responding quickly to the fact that UK consumers now want far more sophisticated alarm systems. Both private individuals and companies are finding that old-fashioned alarm systems are no longer effective enough. All but a few security firms are now offering some form of monitoring with the alarm systems they install.

False alarms have been a problem for the security industry. A lot of time and money is lost by the industry and property owners responding to false alarms. Modern monitoring systems allow video of premises to be captured if the alarm goes off or for CCTV systems to be accessed remotely. By viewing video around the time that the alarm sounds it is possible to identify whether there are genuinely intruders on the property. If there are, the police can be called immediately. Should the alarm be false the key holder can be contacted to visit the premises and simply turn off and reset the alarm. This is far quicker than the key holder having to be notified, visit the premises and establish visually if the alarm has been tripped by intruders.

Some consumers do not have the resources to update their existing systems to include CCTV or video cameras. However, they are taking advantage of the cost savings having their alarm systems hooked up to an alarm response centre that monitors their existing system brings them. Some firms are doing away with their on-site security and instead switching to alarm centre monitoring coupled with a response contract with a local security firm who also act as key holders. If the alarm goes off the alarm centre notifies the local security firm who quickly go to the premises and take the appropriate course of action.

Established security companies give the most choice

Aim Monitoring one of the UK’s oldest independent alarm installation and security companies. They saw anticipated this need and developed ways of delivering the best choice of alarm monitoring solutions. They run 2 NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold approved alarm-receiving centres, which virtually any system can be connected to. They also sell a range of standalone alarm systems equipped with CCTV and sensors that property owners can monitor themselves.


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