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England – 18/01/2012Commercial property in and around Hull is still selling well giving valuations providers much needed work

The recession has impacted every part of the country including East Yorkshire, in particular the city of Hull. However, demand for commercial property valuations Hull has actually risen slightly. The main reason for this is the fact that companies based in the South of the UK are looking to relocate their companies somewhere cheaper.

Whilst it is true that, overall, the South of the UK has a better transport network and infrastructure it is not true of all parts of the South. Some areas of the North of the UK, such as Hull, have a transport network and infrastructure that matches that in some parts of the South.

Firms are waking up to the fact that they have located themselves in the South for the wrong reasons and are paying a high premium for doing so. Even where infrastructure and transport is better, for most firms this is actually not important for their day to day business transactions. Sure it sounds good to be on the doorstep of 3 international airports, but in reality most firms do not need to travel internationally or send freight by air. For them there are no real advantages to being located in the South of the UK.

Investors are also fuelling demand for valuations

All of this is fuelling demand for commercial property valuations Hull service providers. Even firms who are local to the area are moving out of more expensive places like Leeds to Hull. Couple that with the fact that investment into commercial property is still growing as investors try to spread their risk and invest in things other than shares and you get increased interest in commercial property.

Much of the work local commercial property valuations Hull service providers, like Garness Jones, are doing are valuations needed for firms and investors to secure mortgages and loans. They are also seeing demand for their property management services growing, although to a lesser extent. Demand for both kinds of service looks set to remain strong for the next few years.


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