Common Mistakes That People Do While Hiring Letting Agents

If you are a landlord and want to rent your property to get some monetary benefit from it, there are chances that you have hired an estate agent. It is the best way to handle the tenancy issues and maintain the property, but it proves fruitful if you hire the best agent for the job. It takes a lot of effort and research as the market is flooding with options, and not everyone is offering the best services.

People often commit mistakes in hiring inexperienced agents to cut down the fee, which actually costs them a lot in the end. Hiring a less competitive person can land you in trouble, and it might as well affect the value of your property. To avoid chaos and ensure that your property stays in crisp condition, avoid making mistakes in hiring the best estate and letting agent Gants Hill.

Common Mistakes That People Make While Hiring Estate Agents

We have listed some of the common mistakes that people often make while hiring an estate agent. Read these mistakes and understand them to know what you are not supposed to do while hiring:-

Inexperienced Agent

People skip checking the experience and expertise of the agents before hiring them. Understand that unless the person has handled a similar job before, he cannot assure you of good value and quality services. You must ask about experiences and forte; for example, is the agent expert in selling the properties, or also have equal expertise in lettings?


If you hire an estate and lettings agent from some far-off location, it will not prove beneficial for you! The person will not have enough knowledge of the area and will not reach out to the tenant or property to entertain odd-hours requests or emergencies.

Falling For The Ads

Understand this; nobody will advertise their flaws in the marketing ads. It is ok to consider searching for the agent you see in the ad but do not make that add a basis for the decision-making. Do your research, check all the parameters, and hire the estate agent only when you are sure.

Choosing A Yes Person

Another mistake that people often commit is, getting influenced by the false claims that many estate agents make. Only to convince you, they will promise to get you a higher value for your property which may or may not happen! Choose the estate and letting agent Gants Hill who makes realistic promises and doesn’t try to create a false impression on you.

Choosing Part-Time Experts

As you start the research, you will find plenty of part-time experts available who are sometimes less competitive. There is no comparison between a part-time expert and a team of experts dedicated to working toward your project. Always opt for the teams and avoid hiring lone experts.

These are the common mistakes that land people into property-related troubles. Other than this, many landlords often hire friends and family only because they feel obliged. Hire someone only if they are professionally efficient, and you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands.

Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler