Complete A Restoration Project With Traditional Brass Door Knobs And Accessories

Restoration Project

Liverpool, UK October 24th, 2012 – Choosing the right door handles should be considered an important part of the door design project. Whether using a brand-new door or attempting to restore an older door, the choice of handles and other accessories will make a big impact on the finished quality. For example, a restoration project will require the use of traditional-looking door knobs. This not only means a traditional-looking design but the use of traditional materials and even the existence of tool marks and other characteristics of period accessories.

Restoring an old door can be a highly rewarding project. The door itself will not only be attractive but it will have a period character that it is impossible to emulate when using a modern design equivalent. Taking out an existing door and updating it can often prove to be the simplest method of ensuring that a door fits in unusual frame dimensions too. However, such a project does require the use of traditional materials and accessories.

Door hinges, screws, knobs, knockers, and letterboxes would have traditionally been made from materials like bronze. They would have been beaten into shape and this would have left tool marks on the exterior of the items; marks that need to be replicated to enjoy the most authentic look possible. The simplest way to emulate these markings is to use traditional methods in the creation of the items. has a wide range of both classic and contemporary door accessories. This includes items like authentic-looking brass door handles, hinges, knockers, and letter boxes. They also stock a selection of modern equivalents in a selection of materials, designs, and colors.



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