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England 27/09/2012- Conversion rate optimisation is a process for improving the conversion rate for sales and leads to websites. ivantage offer a consultancy service for analysing visitor behaviour to websites in order to identify where site changes could lead to an improvement in the conversion rate.

Increasing numbers of firms are using conversion rate optimisation from ivantage. Firms are waking up to the fact that attracting visitors to their website is pointless if they do not actually end up buying from them.

In the past, many firms have focused much of their on-line marketing efforts into increasing traffic to their website. Buying back-links, publishing press releases and using other methods to boost their ranking in the search engine. However, a lot of firms have failed to take the next step and work out how visitors engage with their site.

In order to compete and rank well in the search engines most firms have to also spend a lot of money on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This form of online advertising places adverts on the web, when a potential buyer clicks the advert they are taken to the firm’s website. The firm pays a sum of money to the advert provider every time someone clicks on their advert. If the firm has got the structure and content of their website right the visitor will buy and the cost of the advert will be paid for. However, in many cases this is not happening firms are paying out a lot for PPC advertising without a return on investment. An awful lot of firms go to the wall because of not being able to close sales via their websites.

The ivantage service

In most cases, proper Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) practices could have saved those firms from going out of business. However, until recently not many firms were aware that the behaviour of visitors to their website could be monitored and analysed. The sales performances of those that do and are taking action is increasingly outstripping that of their competitors.

ivantage offer a full Conversion Rate Optimisation consultancy service. They check to see where customers are going on the site, in particular at what point potential customers are bailing out and leaving the site. This data is then taken and used to analysis the content of those pages, so they can be edited to motivate customers to take the next step and actually buy.


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