Debt Consolidation With Debt Advice Unit Offers Light At The End Of The Tunnel

London, UK May 9th 2012 — Whether because of redundancy or a drop in earnings, it is a lot easier to get yourself into debt than to fight your way out of it. Debt can mount quickly and is only further exacerbated by the missed payments and late payments that inevitably occur in a lot of cases. It can seem a long and endless task to rid yourself of debt but debt consolidation with Debt Advice Unit provides light at the end of the tunnel for those debtors that take advantage.

Debt consolidation means combining all personal debts into a single monthly repayment. Repayments and total debts are usually restructured so that they are paid off quicker and less money is required to make those payments. This can affect credit rating but, with careful management, it is possible to get a credit rating back up to normal quickly. All in all, debt consolidation could prove to be the most effective solution for some debtors, although it is only one form of debt solution and there are others to consider.

Debt consolidation with Debt Advice Unit starts with an initial consultation. This will determine whether or not the debtor is better off using another form of debt solution. It will also determine the total debt owed and the total income of the debtor so that a monthly repayment plan can be drawn up that offers a debt free future somewhere down the line. is a debt management company offering a range of debt services. As well as consolidation, consumers can also enjoy access to current accounts, IVA assistance, and more. will look at any money that may be owed to the debtor, such as unfair credit card charges or mis-sold PPI claims, and use these to help repay debts quicker and more efficiently too.


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