The management team at award winning online marketing agency PushON have launched a new business called Leancall, which offers ‘pay as you go’ predictive dialler and call tracking solution for SMEs which costs as little as £25 a month.

Leancall helps small businesses to streamline their outbound sales and customer service processes by automating high volumes of calls, while also allowing users to record call outcomes.

As an online only web application, it is critical for Leancall to have excellent search engine visibility and a robust, user friendly web presence.  Simon and Roy are vastly experienced in this area and will deliver the marketing functions for the business.

This is not their first entrepreneurial venture and they have prior experience of running successful technology companies.  Before forming PushON, the duo set up and ran VirtuAffinity, a business venture selling VISP (virtual ISP) solutions.

Simon and Roy join managing director Sam Bashton on the management team at Leancall.  Sam also runs Bashton Ltd, which provides support and consultancy for Open Source Systems, specialising in large scale e-commerce systems.  Customers include Supergroup Plc, owners of the Superdry clothing brand.

Unlike its competitors, Leancall is a complete online system which needs no hardware apart from a computer with internet access and a headset.

In addition, the Leancall outbound telesales service is the only solution that offers a pay as you go model, so customers only pay for the phone calls they make.  It can cost as little as £25 a month.

Leancall is much more cost effective than traditional solutions, which were created for large businesses and often involve software and hardware installations.

The Leancall product is currently in public beta, which means that it is in a pre-launch test phase, but users can use the service by subscribing via the website.  In so doing, their usage and feedback will help refine the product ahead of its official launch towards the end of April.

Simon Wharton, managing director of PushON, spoke of the new venture, “The new business is an exciting move for us.  We have always been entrepreneurial and have a track record of running successful online businesses.  When the Leancall opportunity came our way we were more than happy to get involved commercially.

“Compared to other products on the market, the Leancall proposition and pricing model is unique and we think that with the right digital marketing strategy the business should be able to compete with other players in the marketplace.

“PushON remains our core focus, and in many ways we will treat Leancall as another client, with its own account team driving it forward.  The main difference is that commercially we will be rewarded for the success of our strategy.”

About Leancall:

The scenario might be a familiar scenario for some of you. Scribbled notes, telephone directories and multiple people attempting to track progress via share spread sheets can result in lost leads, misunderstanding, poor time management and ultimately lost revenue.

The solution was a complex mix of hardware and software, providing predictive dialling and call tracking functionality. These were expensive, cumbersome and restrictive, requiring costly on-going maintenance.

Leancall is different and is a cloud based service that offers all the features of the expensive traditional model but at a fraction of the cost.

About PushON:

PushON is an award-winning online marketing agency based in Manchester, with clients throughout the UK.  The team is honest, dedicated and highly professional set of specialists in:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media strategies
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Blog strategies
  • Online public relations/reputation management
  • Online marketing consultancy

Whether clients wish to generate leads and drive sales on a website, require a site overhaul or simply wish to increase brand awareness, PushON’s approach is ethical and uncomplicated.

Simon Wharton, Managing Director of PushON, has for several years driven initiatives aimed at promoting website accessibility and excellence in online marketing. PushON is wholly owned by Simon Wharton and Roy Wilding, Creative Director. They set up PushON Ltd in 2006 following a successful five-year-long business venture selling VISP (virtual ISP) solutions under the brand name VirtuAffinity Ltd. Since that time, PushON has risen to prominence as one of the North West’s premier online marketing agencies.

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