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London, United Kingdom (19th February 2013) – Fleet Tutors, a leading national provider of private tuition, has now added the services of a highly-experienced, chartered educational psychologist to their range of educational services.

Fleet Tutors Is pleased to announce that Bruce Picton will be joining the firm to provide educational psychologist assessments to children and young adults in Fleet Tutors’ west London and Farnborough, Hampshire offices.  Bruce Picton is a fully-qualified member of the British Psychological Society, with more than twenty-five years of experience in education and psychology; he has also worked with various special educational and local education authority settings. In his new role as an Educational Psychologist with Fleet Tutors, Mr. Picton will assess young people for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, reading problems, difficulties with maths, and more.

Currently, ten percent (10%) of the British population are dyslexic, but, too often, this learning and processing difficulty is not identified at school.  Many dyslexic children are very bright but struggle to fulfill their potential in the classroom if the dyslexia is not properly identified.  The purpose of an educational psychologist’s assessment is to identify any specific learning difficulties and to recommend strategies that help the child to progress with their education. If learning difficulties are discovered early, significant steps can be taken to address them within the school environment and before the young person loses confidence. Mr. Picton ensures that each and every assessment is presented in a fun and interesting way for the child, incorporating games and puzzles.

“Mr. Picton’s services are vital to assessing specific learning difficulties and helping to make school easier for children who may find aspects of it problematic,” a spokesperson for Fleet Tutors said. “Whatever concerns parents may have, Mr. Picton will help address these and recommend ways to deal with the learning difficulty, which could prove to be a key part of a child’s development, self-esteem, and educational attainment. Mr. Picton is available for appointments now.”

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