There are many energy efficient ways of decorating your home this Christmas, and they don’t have to spoil the fun or the festive spirit! A wide range of energy-efficient decorations are available to buy. These include using energy saving LED lights around your home, which can be used inside and outside as well as around the Christmas tree. LED lights also tend to be durable, meaning that you can use them for many future festive seasons.

You could also use solar powered outdoor fairy lights, which put out a bright light to match any of the more conventional mains powered alternatives while being powered for free by the sun. Such lights are weatherproof and easy to install, so you can have reliable lighting in even the most adverse conditions, for as long as 40 hours if fully charged. They may also have a light sensor that turns them on and off automatically. A wide range of solar powered lights are available, including icicle lights, light nets and light curtains.

One great way to decorate your home is to embellish more sparingly, albeit in a way that adds a very subtle beauty. You could try adorning your dining area with simple white candles, which is both a cheap and beautiful means of decoration. To decorate your home in an energy-efficient way, it is best to skip the extra centrepieces and ornaments, after all, many people spend a huge amount of money on Christmas lights, so it makes sense to minimise the number you use. As a result, not only will you spend less on the lights themselves, but also on the associated electricity bills.

You can also decorate your home with a wide range of items that do not use any extra energy at all. If you have a large number of Christmas cards and stockings, for example, you could use them to decorate the fireplace and other areas of your home, while if you are decorating the tree and would still like to bring the quality of light to your decorations, consider tinsel that will reflect the light elsewhere in your room, or even recycled Christmas decorations such as those made out of recycled circuit boards and CDs.  You could cut such decorations into attractive festive shapes such as snowmen, stars, hearts and Christmas trees, allowing you to decorate your tree in an attractive way while also making an environmental statement!

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