Engage Mutual Launches engagewithyou

Harrogate, UK (20th August, 2012) – Engage Mutual, one of the larger UK mutuals, providing simple, value for money savings, protection and investment products, launches engagewithyou.com.

While some financial plcs find themselves under an uncomfortable spotlight, having valued profit above people, Engage Mutual is on a different tack.   The Yorkshire mutual has launched engagewithyou.com, an online community for people from all backgrounds and situations who seek information, or wish to share their own experience of dealing with dementia, elderly care and a range of other challenging life events.

The self help philosophy of the engage with you community is rooted in friendly society tradition.  Individuals who shared a trade, or  location in common, came together to support each other in times of need in the 19th century.  The growth of digital technology means that the same concept and values can be made relevant to the 21st century, allowing multiple connections between people who may feel isolated by the situation they face.

While the site provides a growing source of rich resources, useful insight, expert information, and critical sign posts, it is much more than that, as Engage Mutual’s Karl Elliott outlines:

“On the one hand, the engagewithyou community can be identified by those who seek its help: the mother juggling a full time job while providing support to her elderly parents; the concerned husband seeking the best treatment pathway for his wife’s illness.

“But just as important is the opportunity the environment provides to share these concerns and receive the benefit of someone’s experience, someone who has possibly been through something similar.”

It’s an ambitious vision, but Engage Mutual believes that the purely transactional relationship that many mutuals and most plcs now have with their customers can only take them so for.  As a customer owned business, Engage Mutual thinks it’s time for something better.

About Engage Mutual:

Engage Mutual is one of the larger UK mutuals providing simple, value for money savings, protection and investment products to more than 500,000 customers. http://www.engagewithyou.com is an online community that signposts help and information for a responsibility-laden generation in the hectic middle of life.

Here they can share experiences, stories and tips, and find solutions to help them deal with a range of issues. This new venture for customer owned financial services provider Engage Mutual will see it provide an environment for people to connect, help, and support each other.

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