EPDM Roofing Systems Have Gone Mainstream

England 21/04/2012- Roofing systems are changing faster than they ever have

People in the building trade, architects or people who are having a building built or restored are very aware of how important it is to choose the right roofing systems. A roof is an expensive component of any building if you include the cost of the structure it typically represents 30% of the build cost. The roof covering and labour to install it represents around about 15% of the overall cost of putting up a building. Get this part of the build wrong and it can cost a fortune to replace or repair just a few years down the road.

As a direct result, people are constantly looking for ways to keep the cost of their roof to a minimum, whilst ensuring that the roof lasts. In addition, it needs to look good, be environmentally friendly and meet all building regulations.

To achieve this more people are considering alternative solutions, especially when it comes to domestic properties. As a direct result of this demand for EPDM roof systems, which were designed for use on commercial buildings, is growing.

Why EPDM roofing systems are so attractive to the building industry

Using EPDM produces a roof that looks great and lasts. However, it is the fact that EPDM is such a versatile material, which is attracting many in the building industry to it. Because EPDM comes in large sheets, a seam free roof can be laid on small areas producing a smooth, blemish free finish that is 100% watertight as well as looking good. EPDM is so light and pliable it can be used on any shape of roof, so is ideal for today’s modern contemporary building style.

DuoPly EPDM roofing systems are amongst the most popular on the market. It is an environmentally friendly, BBA gold standard product, which can be used on any size, shape or type of roof. It is so versatile that most existing flat roofs can be repaired without having to remove the existing membrane. Sales of DuoPly have soared and suppliers expect this trend to continue long into the future.


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