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London, United Kingdom (June 18, 2010) – Europe Remove, who can help their clients with personal and affordable services if they’re considering moving to Holland, Germany, France, or any other EU zone, are offering discounts on trips from Holland or Switzerland back to the United Kingdom.

Europe Remove is one of the leading removal companies in Europe, covering a vast majority of EU territories for affordable prices. They regularly update the ‘discount’ section of their website with their latest travel deals and offers and are currently offering exclusive discounts for those traveling to the United Kingdom from Holland and Switzerland.

Those relocating to Switzerland or making a long, arduous trip to Holland with a removals van may not be looking forward to making a long trip back to the United Kingdom after all of the stress and hassle involved during the moving process. Europe Remove can ease the pain by offering discounts on their traveling service back to the UK, with varying deals available based on the capacity of items they are carrying with them on the journey home.

“Moving house or business at home in the United Kingdom is troublesome enough, but dealing with international removals is a different game entirely,” comments Christian Popovici of Europe Remove. “After transporting all of your belongings across Europe to places such as Holland or Switzerland you’re bound to be tired, but need to make arrangements to get back to the UK ASAP. Luckily we can help to make arrangements for you through our current discounts at Europe Remove. You can visit our website for more details or telephone us for a free quote.”

When looking at moving to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, or any other EU territory, visit Europe Remove at or telephone 0208 598 9379 for a free quote.

About Europe Remove:

London-based Europe Remove specializes in helping customers to relocate to destinations in Europe through their specialist door-to-door service. Whether a client is moving to France, Germany, Belgium, or any other EU territory, Europe Remove can help commercial or domestic customers to haul their goods as smoothly as possible. Offering trip discounts and ‘Man with Van’ services, Europe Remove can provide business removals, home removals, student removals, shipping and courier services, and more at affordable rates.



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