Festive Lights Launch DRiBOX Weatherproof Connection Box

Lancashire, United Kingdom (May 12 2011) – Festive Lights, an international supplier of Christmas lights, LED lights, solar lights and outdoor lighting solutions, have launched a remarkable weatherproof connection box; the DRiBOX.

This new product from Festive Lights has been developed by the company’s own designers as a response to customer demand for a high quality, affordable, and weatherproof connection box that was simple and easy to use. The design of the DRiBOX makes use of a hinged clamp mechanism that can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds to ensure easy access, also incorporating a weatherproof interface which is moulded around the cables for effective protection against the elements.

The box has also been made purposely larger than most other models on the market in order to contain transformers, a controller, a spare cable, timers and a 4-way gang socket. Festive Lights adds that this box in particular has been priced at only £14.99 in response to what they believe are too-high prices for boxes of a similar nature, yet have proven to be more complex to operate.

“With no installation required, a water-tight seal and robust construction, this product is a must for your Christmas or other outdoor lighting display this year,” commented a spokesperson for Festive Lights. “You can use the box throughout the year to protect electrical connections during gardening and outdoor maintenance jobs, and as an easier means for powering your garden’s water features, solar path lights, patio heaters, and any other appliances. Multi-faceted and incredibly functional, we trust that the DRiBOX will be a hit with our customers.”

For more information about the collection of solar powered lights available from Festive Lights, please visit http://www.festive-lights.com or call +44 (0)1257 792111 during normal office hours.

About Festive Lights:

Since 1999, Festive Lights have been providing exclusive Christmas lighting which cannot be purchased from any other UK retailer, and continues to source innovative and decorative lighting solutions for their customers. In 2002 the company expanded to become a general lighting provider to wholesalers, garden centres and hardware stores, operating from both their comprehensive online store and their permanent showroom in Charnock Richard, Chorley; employing experts with extensive knowledge who can provide impartial advice on which lighting solutions are most ideal for their customers.


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