09/12/2012- Businesses who are looking for affordable and indemnity insurance, need look no further than Hensure.

Hensure are highly experience insurance brokers who specialise in commercial insurance. Businesses that are looking for professional indemnity insurance, which will protect them from litigation and ensure that they are able to defend themselves from any allegations, will find that there are plenty of options on offer at Hensure.

Hensure promise that all of their customers will receive great cover at great prices, along with great service. Their team are always on hand to offer help and assistance with any questions customers may have and to talk through the many different insurance options available to professionals, via their website.

The company collect competitive quotes from a wide range of insurers, so no matter what your budget or requirements may be, they can always find a range of indemnity insurance policies which fit the bill.

Their staff are able to negotiate the best possible terms of cover at the most competitive prices, no matter what your needs may be, and they even offer customers the option of paying their premiums in low monthly instalments, over the course of a year.

Hensure offer instant online quotations and, customers can instantly insure themselves at the touch of a button, which is perfect for those who lead a busy life and don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for and sorting out an insurance policy.

About Hensure:
Hensure is the online trading name of RK Henshall and Co Ltd. They are an insurance brokerage company, who have been operating in the UK since 1976. They have an excellent reputation as one of the leading insurance brokers in the country and are able to get their customers the best deals from a range of insurers, including Lloyds of London.

The company have an ethos of always putting the customer first and work hard to foster long term relationships with all of their clients, whether on or offline, working closely with them to find the perfect business solutions.

Hensure LTD
54-56 Nantwich Road
London, UK
Zip: CW2 6AL
Tel: 0844 7709590
Email: hensure.com@rkhenshall.co.uk
Website: http://www.hensure.com/