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[29/05/2012] – Small vans can be an economical and practical option for small businesses.  If you are interested in the benefits of finance leasing The Van Warehouse should be your first stop.  This leading UK van hire and contract leasing service can offer a wide range of small vans including the popular Peugeot Partner L1 Diesel 850 Se 1.6 Hdi 92 Van.

Finance Leasing

Finance leasing represents one of the most effective ways for businesses to run fleets.  Whether you just want a small, single Peugeot Partner L1 Diesel 850 Se 1.6 Hdi 92 Van or you need a whole fleet of small, medium and large vans you can find what you need online now at The Van Warehouse.

This premium service offers some of the best van hire and contract leasing deals currently available in the UK.  With access to great finance deals you can cut the costs of running a fleet and make sure you have all the vehicles you need to run your business effectively.

Maintenance and Service

Another key benefit to using The Van Warehouse for your contract hire needs is the excellent maintenance and servicing packages.  These packages take all the hassle and stress out of running a business fleet.

  • All servicing, MOTs and repairs will be taken care of for you using reputable garages.
  • Tyres will be checked and replaced when necessary
  • Breakdown cover will be inclusive to provide fast assistance when required.

Running a fleet can be a time-consuming and expensive business.  It makes sense to choose one of The Van Warehouse maintenance and servicing packages.  By outsourcing this task you can free up your time and make sure your vans stay on the road and moving.


The Van Warehouse is one of the biggest online van hire services in the UK.  This premium service offers a vast range of new and used vans to industries all across the country.  Finance deals are supplied by some of the top finance houses available, meaning secure, affordable borrowing.

The Van Warehouse provides a full range of services to get your business moving.  With excellent maintenance and serving packages, sign writing and big discounted rates this is the only van leasing service you should consider for your fleet.


The Van Warehouse

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