England – 15/12/2011Glasgow’s driving schools are forming co-operatives to offer more options to their pupils

Learning to drive is as important as it has ever been. In fact in the current economic climate it is probably more important than ever, so finding the best driving school Glasgow has to offer is important.

Without a driving licence you really narrow down your options. Employers like to employ people who have a licence because it means that they will be more flexible. When they need an employee to come in early or go home late they feel they cannot ask those who use public transport to do so. Even in a city like Glasgow public transport options are few and far between after 9pm and before about 6.30am.

Having a driving licence is a big boon, you not only look more attractive to potential employers, you can also apply for jobs further afield. However, passing your test is an expensive affair. A lot of young people realise this so are shopping around more rather than just contacting their local driving schools. This has led driving schools in Glasgow to look at the service they offer and come up with some new ideas. They are pulling together into co-operatives like CAS and setting up websites that allow young drivers to see what independent driving schools from across the city have to offer on one website.

Innovative driving school in Glasgow offers something different

Driving schools in Glasgow know that today’s youngsters and their parents are cash strapped. In response to this they are making it easier for friends and relatives to help with the cost of lessons by offering vouchers that can be bought from their driving school websites.

In addition, they are looking for ways to speed up the learning process. One way they have done this is to come up with online driving lessons. It sounds weird, but really works. One of the few driving schools in Glasgow to offer the system to their pupils is Virtual Driving Lessons. You can see a demonstration of the system on their website.


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