Cheshire, United Kingdom, (29th November, 2011) – Fosters Solicitors, a leading UK personal injury firm specialising in road traffic accident claims, personal injury compensation claims and accident at work claims, comment on an amputee’s decision to sue the local council over unstable pavement slabs.

Daryl Phillimore recently launched a £50,000 compensation claim against Hampshire County Council. Mr Phillimore apparently warned the council about the poor condition of the paving stones in his street on several occasions, highlighting it as a serious issue that needed to be resolved. However, the council ignored the problem and Mr Phillimore tripped on the paved slabs and suffered a serious ankle injury, which led to the amputation of his toes and a quarter of his right foot due to an infection. Due to the victim’s amputation he is no longer able to uphold his job as a painter and decorator.

Mr Phillimore recently commented to the Daily Mirror: “I had complained two or three times that kerb stones and edging stones were broken and a hazard to pedestrians. One day I tripped over one. I was told I had sprained my ankle, but the next day I was in agony and I went back to hospital. I came out five weeks later minus three toes and a quarter of my right foot. It had become infected and the doctors said it had to be amputated. Now I can’t work properly. It is only fair the council compensates me.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council stated that they were unable to comment on the compensation claim due to on-going litigation; however, they stated that the offending pavement slabs have since been repaired.

A spokesperson for Fosters Solicitors commented: “We are leading personal injury solicitors and believe that we can provide our clients with the best representation for their compensation claims. We empathise with Mr Phillimore’s case and are passionate about helping others like him. We strongly advise anyone that has suffered an injury due to their local council’s neglect to get in touch with us today so they can receive the injury compensation they deserve.”

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