Cable Installation From MEC for the Power Engineering Sector

England 17/08/2012- After two decades cable installation from MEC is still in great demand

Despite the recession cable installation from MEC is a service that is still very much in demand. MEC are part of the Slaters Group who specialise in providing high-end electrical engineering installations. The Group was formed over 20 years ago and is made up of three companies all from different electrical disciplines. This is what gives the group its strength and ensures that the expertise exists within the group to carry out any task. It is the main reason that there is still plenty of work available for MEC, Slaters and Optipro who make up the group, even in this difficult economic climate.

MEC’s electrical engineers specialise in the installation of HV and LV electrical power and distribution equipment. They know that the systems they install in factories and other industrial and retail buildings are an asset to that company. They understand that all of their installations have to be flawless to ensure that there are no failures when it comes to delivering power to the factory floor. They pay particular attention to the testing stage to deliver a truly reliable system.

MEC tailors Cable installation to each customer

MEC has a reputation for offering a truly flexible service to their clients. They do not mind trying something different in order to deliver exactly what the client needs. Their individual approach to each contract is part of the reason MEC are so successful and demand for their services is so high.

They are regularly asked to come back and carry out further installations by companies they work with. This may mean retrofitting a company’s second location after completing an installation on a virgin site for that company. They have worked for Asda, Morrisons and the Royal Mail on numerous sites carrying out all kinds of cable installations including retrofitting.

MEC Contractors work with all kinds of companies, and no job is too small or too big for them. They understand that a small job done well can easily result in more work in the future. MEC want a long-term relationship with their clients and work accordingly.


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