AwesomeBooks Comment on the Popularity of Used Books

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, (27th February, 2012) – AwesomeBooks, a leading online retailer of new and used books, recently commented on the popularity of second hand books in the marketplace.

Used books are as popular as ever nowadays, as many people are looking for cheaper alternatives to new books and e-books. The popularity of new books has declined within the last 18 months and the recession has undoubtedly resulted in the sales increase for used paperback and hardback books. Another reason for the rise could be due to students searching for used textbooks instead of buying new and more expensive editions.

AwesomeBooks recently commented on the popularity of cheap, used books in the market place and how they aim to cater to the growing demand. As one of the leading book providers in the UK, AwesomeBooks is dedicated to providing their customers with a broad selection of new and used books for a variety of genres, including fantasy, food and drink, poetry, drama, religion, horror and children’s books, plus more.

A spokesperson for AwesomeBooks commented: “While e-books are growing in popularity, they are still yet to rival print and many people are opting for second hand books over new paperbacks and hardbacks in this tough economic climate. We understand that customers will want value-for-money when purchasing books online, which is why we offer high quality used books which are competitively priced with our industry rivals.”

For more information on AwesomeBooks and their new and used books, visit their website at or telephone 00 44 845 467 0512

About AwesomeBooks:

AwesomeBooks is one of the UK’s leading new and used book retailers in the UK and can provide their customers with a magnificent collection of cheap books. This popular book provider can provide a varied selection of top fiction books for some of the bestselling titles on the market, and their industry rivals will find it hard to beat their competitive prices.


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