Halifax, United Kingdom, (21 Sept 2011) – Harrison Lighting, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical goods and specialists in home lighting, have launched a brand new Celsian 2 lighting model on their website and in-store.

Harrison Lighting has added the Celsian 2 floodlight to their range of flood and security lighting. Available in 35, 15 and 12 watts, the latest Celsian 2 floodlight is designed for use as a security solution in industrial, commercial and domestic environments, including car parks and gardens. It is a long-life model manufactured to provide effective, instant illumination, with an 800-1500 lumens light output and 40,000 hour life expectancy.

The Celsian 2 is a compact and energy efficient alternative to the traditional SON and metal halide floodlights used for the same purposes. Available in both warm and pure white and with an aluminium alloy die-cast finish, the Celsian 2 offers a durable, cost-effective and versatile security lighting solution.

“We are delighted to be stocking this new model and add it to our expanding collection of flood and security lights,” commented a spokesperson for Harrison Lighting. “Our customers are looking for ample performance, low cost and operational efficiency when they purchase a security floodlight – whether the client is a business operating from a warehouse, or a family living in a private home. We trust that the Celsian 2 floodlight will prove a popular addition to our stock amongst all of our clients and look forward to seeing how well it will fare in sales over the coming months.”

For more information about Harrison Lighting and their range of lighting solutions, visit http://www.harrisonlighting.co.uk/ or telephone 01422 363525.

About Harrison Lighting:

Harrison Lighting is a leading UK supplier of electrical goods, such as domestic lighting. Their range of traditional and modern lighting fittings and fixtures can be incorporated into any home, and can be used for domestic or commercial purposes.


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