Sales of Refurbished Office Furniture from Barkham Office Furniture Grow

England 24/08/2012- Traditional markets for refurbished office furniture from Barkham office furniture have expanded rather than contracted

In the UK, the recession has hit quite hard. For most businesses, this has been very bad news, quite a few have seen a downturn in sales and many have gone out of business completely. However, for some others the current economic climate has actually resulted in increased sales. An example of this is sales of refurbished office furniture from Barkham Office Furniture, which have actually gone up in the last year or so.

When you think about it this is not particularly surprising. After all, buying a virtually new suite of office furniture at a fraction of the cost makes good business sense. Furniture bought this way looks just as good and lasts just as long as new furniture. Therefore, it is almost a no-brainer for firms to buy office furniture in this way.

Why demand for refurbished office furniture from Barkham Office Furniture has grown so much

However, that is not to say that the success that Barkham office furniture has experienced is purely down to the recession. The sales team at the company recognised the opportunity and marketed themselves carefully to exploit that opportunity.

They spent a significant amount of money on advertising. In addition, they have updated and re-marketed their website. The aim of the online team was to make it extremely easy for companies to browse the thousands of pieces of office furniture that have to offer.

They point out on their website that businesses save up to 80% by buying their quality refurbished office furniture. Barkham Office Furniture have taken their second-hand section and divided up into types of furniture making it easy for firms to find exactly what they want.

However, refurbished office furniture does not necessarily mean a cheap look. Barkham Office Furniture are careful to include high-end refurbished office furniture as part of their offering. They have a designer section, which has proved extremely popular. Start-up firms who want to make a positive statement when potential clients visit their offices are particularly keen on buying this kind of refurbished office furniture.

For more updates from Barkham Office Furniture, take a look at their Office Life blog for greener office furniture solutions featuring interior designers, recycled designer furniture ideas and their favourite case studies.


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