Hog Roasts

As Yorkshire’s favourite hog roast and barbeque caterer Bouncing Hogs and Bars has the culinary expertise to deliver finger-licking meals for all occasions. As any ardent carnivore will surely testify to there really is no better meal than a hog roast, and here at Bouncing Hogs and Bars our hog roasts will surely have you tilting back on your chair and rubbing your stomach come the close of mealtime.

Here at Bouncing Hogs and Bars our hogs roasts are slow cooked until the meat simply falls from the bone, and are is surely the height of alfresco dining. As anyone that has ever sampled one of our menus will surely testify to the aromas of our hog roasts will have your stomach rumbling in no time, and the flavours that we are able to conjure will surely be savoured.

Whether you’re hosting a summer soiree and have hundreds of hungry mouths to feed, or are considering choosing something a little different to feed the guests at your wedding, our hog roast menus are just for you. Each of our scrumptious hog roasts are the result of meticulous planning and careful roasting over a number of hours, and will surely portray the care and attention that you’ve taken catering for your guests.

These mouth-watering hog roasts are served with a choice of homemade salads, sage stuffing of just the right texture, delicious cracking and sweet apple sauce which perfectly compliment the flavour of the pork. We offer our customers a choice of hog roast size to suit their party, and our prices are amongst the most competitive that you’ll find in Yorkshire.

As a meal fit for a king the hog roast menus that we design at Bouncing Hogs and Bars will fill the stomachs of more than forty guests. All of our meat comes from happy outdoor-reared pigs and is sourced locally from some of the foremost farms in Yorkshire, ensuring that exquisiteness of taste.

To find out just how to book one of our hog roast menus for yourself come and visit us online at: www.bouncinghogsnbars.co.uk.


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