England – 17/01/2012Holiday rentals in the South of France are no longer seen only as an option for the well off

Much to the surprise of the holiday industry holiday rentals South France is still a popular search term. Despite the recession most people still have at least one holiday and are going to places they know well rather than run the risk of going on a holiday to somewhere new. They figure that by going somewhere they already know well they are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

The South of France has always been popular with Brits and remains so. The area has a lot to offer all kinds of holiday makers.

The type of holiday rentals in the South of France has evolved

In addition, many owners of properties in the area have changed what they have to offer. They have done so to attract a wider range of holiday makers and to make it easier for people to be able to afford a vacation in the area. Whereas years ago they were only willing to rent their properties out for whole weeks at a time, now they will accept rentals for just a few days. This means people can take the shorter holidays that they can still afford. It also helps people who want to stay in several locations, so that they can get to see more of the South of France.

In addition, the quality of the accommodation they offer is far higher than it used to be. Most of the accommodation in the area is pretty old, which is great because it has loads of character. However, it has all been restored to a high standard and offers all the amenities people are used to in their own homes. Many properties include Wi-Fi, and TV in English. They have plasma screens, fully equipped kitchens, and a lot of them have barbecue areas too.

Maison En Provence has been offering holiday rentals in the South of France for many years now. They have seen demand rise steadily over the years, and even though it has levelled off recently they expect demand to remain steady.


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