England – 17/01/2012 – UK based online firm ‘Hydrohobby Hydroponics UK’ specializes in providing the highest quality hydroponics equipment and plant nutrients at a great price.

Ever since the 18th century discovery that the essential mineral nutrients that plants need to grow are absorbed as inorganic ions in water, hydroponics – which is the method by which plants are grown using mineral nutrient solutions, in water and without soil – has been popular. The technique is founded on the basis that despite soil playing a role as a mineral nutrient reservoir when plants are grown in natural conditions, it is not actually essential in itself for plant growth. Indeed, it’s possible to grow almost any terrestrial plant with hydroponics, and it has also become a standard method in biology research and testing.

Successful hydroponics, however, depends on the use of the right plant nutrients and additives, which very much are essential if plants are to thrive. And whichever plant nutrients are required by those that use hydroponics, it is with the aim of supplying them all that Hydrohobby Hydroponics UK, and its online home at www.my-hydroponics-shop.co.uk, has been established. The store aims to inform those that make use of hydroponics of the right plant nutrients for their exact needs, whilst providing them with both nutrients and additives of the highest quality.

Plant nutrients of the highest order

As plant nutrients all consist of the same basic elements, it can be difficult for those involved in hydroponics to distinguish between those plant nutrients that are merely branded intelligently, and those that are truly standout products. Hydrohobby Hydroponics UK aims to assist in this endeavour by selling plant nutrients of only the very highest quality from its extensive range.

A Hydrohobby Hydroponics UK spokesperson stated: “Whichever plant nutrients you require, here at Hydrohobby Hydroponics UK, we aim to stock them all – including house and garden nutrients, advanced nutrients and additives and much more. If you thought you couldn’t get better yields than those that you are getting already, then allow us to prove you wrong in the nicest possible way!”

With the World Wide Web (WWW) remaining as popular as ever as a place to look for great deals on hydroponics equipment and plant nutrients and additives, it would appear that www.my-hydroponics-shop.co.uk is well placed to thrive in the months and years to come.


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