Home cinema was once something only the very wealthy could afford but advances in technology mean that anyone with a love of movies can now afford to fit screens within their home. Those interested in home cinema should make sure that they take the time to have home cinema demonstrations carried out in their property, as this is the best way of making sure that an audio visual set up is totally fit for purpose.

Here at Gecko we specialise in fitting professional standard home cinemas and part of our comprehensive involves home cinema demonstrations which help us to create the perfect bespoke solution for all of our clients.

All of our home cinema fittings begin with home cinema demonstrations and this works both ways – it allows our specialist team to ensure solutions they offer are in keeping with the needs of a client, and also gives customers the chance to see exactly what our professional home cinemas can give them in terms of amazing entertainment.

Our reputation in the home cinema demonstrations and home cinema sector cannot be disputed and our company opened the very first home cinema store in Europe back in 1991. We’ve always been at the forefront of home audio visual solutions and our Berkshire facility is without doubt the finest in the UK, even impressing those who work within the entertainment sector and truly understand great sound and pictures.

All of our home cinema demonstrations take place in our state of the art listening rooms, which are the only setting in the UK which people can hear the clarity and amazing quality of the systems we use. When sitting back and relaxing in our home cinema demonstrations rooms, clients will not be able to separate the sound they hear from the sound they are used to in high street cinemas, and this is why our home cinema solutions are the very best around.

We are passionate about film and performance, and we are confident that our home cinema solutions and home cinema demonstrations will very easily outshine any other option you have in mind – so visit us and be blown away by our top quality home cinema demonstrations.



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