Sales of Discount Cosmetics Soar Despite Product Scares

England – 07/03/2012The current economic climate is fuelling sales of discount cosmetics

It has come as no surprise to the cosmetics industry that sales of discount cosmetics have soared throughout Europe. This trend is precisely what they predicted when the recession started. They recognised that one area many women would cut back on would be cosmetics. It was predicted that most women would continue to wear makeup and to buy the full range of products they normally wore, except they would begin to buy cheaper brands or products. This is exactly what has happened.

Because the industry anticipated this, they have not suffered too much. They have developed cheaper products to provide better choice and concentrated on building sales for their more expensive products in emerging markets. As a result, profits have remained high for most cosmetic firms.

However, there is a trend that is worrying many in the industry and that is a trend to buy discount cosmetics from unsafe sources. More and more consumers are buying their cosmetics from markets, car boot sales and from independent sellers who sell via classified adverts or eBay. Unfortunately, this trend has allowed some unscrupulous firms to produce and sell unsafe cosmetics. The women who buy products in this way do not alway realise that they are running the risk of buying toxic cosmetics.

Trading standards stamp down of fake discount cosmetics

The Trading Standards Institute is aware of the problem, and is taking action. They have successfully prosecuted several people for selling toxic cosmetics. The latest case being against 2 Merthyr Tydfil men who sold fake cosmetics to members of the public. The Mascara they were selling contained 20 times more lead than was safe.

Cases like this are alerting consumers to the dangers of buying discount cosmetics from markets, car boots sellers and classified ads. Well-established reputable firms like Save On Makeup are beginning to reap the benefits of this new level of consumer awareness. They sell discount cosmetics, but because all of their products are branded consumers know that the products they buy from their site are all safe and of a high quality as a result their market share is growing.



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