Hospitality Recruitment Agencies Prepare for the Seasonal Rush

Hospitality Recruitment Agencies

England 31/10/2012- Christmas is always a busy time for hospitality recruitment agencies and they have to start preparing early

Despite the economic downturn, people still want to have a good time at Christmas. This means that hospitality recruitment agencies are once again busy recruiting additional personnel for hundreds of firms from across the UK.

The early signs are that there are as many hospitality jobs available as there were in previous years. It seems that the industry is taking an optimistic approach and are recruiting in anticipation of being as busy this year as they were last year over the Christmas period.

They are relying heavily on the fact that, even in difficult times, people want to enjoy special holidays like Christmas and the New Year. Whether they will be proven right, will not be clear for several months, but the chances are they are right. Over the past few years, people have cut back, but only in that, they are on tighter budgets. Firms and private individuals are still holding Christmas parties, but are definitely spending less per head than they once did.

In the long-term hospitality recruitment agencies are worried

However, it would be wrong to think that everything is normal within the hospitality industry because it definitely is not. Many hospitality firms are struggling overall. A lack of spare cash means that people and companies are definitely spending less when it comes to hospitality. Companies are holding fewer events overall and private affairs such as weddings are far less lavish than they once were.

Firms are still holding events, but are doing so on a tighter budget. This is cutting overheads to an absolute minimum, so even those few firms that are busy are struggling to make a profit and stay in business. 2012, has not been a good year with fewer people being employed in the industry. Understandably, many firms are hoping this trend will be reversed during Christmas and the New Year.

In the meantime, specialist hospitality recruitment firms like Caterer are doing their part to help the industry. They provide a cost effective and quick way to recruit well-qualified personnel exactly when they need them. This level of flexibility has helped many hospitality firms to cope and survive in what is a difficult trading environment.


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