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England 19/05/2012 – Sales of hydroponics lighting from HydroHobby UK are growing

More and more consumers are becoming interested in buying hydroponics lighting from HydroHobby UK. People are more interested than ever in growing their own food and gardening in general and no longer see a lack of a garden as a showstopper. They are aware that they can now buy a hydroponic system to grow plants and that these soil free growing systems can be used practically anywhere. People are growing plants on their balconies, windowsills and indoors. They are dedicating a cupboard or a corner of a room to growing plants using hydroponics.

Lighting systems make growing plants indoors possible. Without light plants cannot live. When there is no light, they cannot carry out the photosynthesis process that allows them to feed and grow. Some seeds cannot germinate without light, so the growing process cannot even start.

The right kind of artificial lights are a great substitute for sunshine; however, they also provide heat, which plants also need to stay healthy. Different lights are needed for different stages of a plant’s life, but understanding what lighting is needed at each stage of a plant’s life is not difficult and usually simply involves switching bulbs. The most commonly used bulbs are sodium bulbs, followed by metal halide, but LED, neon and incandescent bulbs all have their uses when it comes to growing plants hydroponically. Each bulb produces a different spectrum and colour of light, so the right kind of light at the right stage of a plants life can help a plant to grow and to grow faster.

Hydroponics lighting from HydroHobby UK sold to a broad spectrum of consumers

HydroHobby’s customers are drawn from all walks of life. They range from home growers who want to produce their own bedding plants or vegetables to commercial growers. The standard of hydroponics lighting from HydroHobby UK is varied enough to meet the needs of all of these different types of growers. They aim to be a one-stop shop for hydroponics and sell spare parts and bulbs as well as full-blown lighting systems.


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