Injury Solicitors Get Ready To Deal With Hip and Breast Claims

England – 01/03/2012Medical claims are the new growth area for injury solicitors

The caseload for Injury solicitors continues to grow as more people in the UK wake up to the fact that they can claim compensation for all kinds of injuries. Most people, in the UK, already realise that they can claim for injuries arising from accidents at work, on the road or in public places.

Until recently, this is where most of the work for injury solicitors has come from. However, many practices are now being approached to help people to deal with more specialist cases. Many of these cases involve injuries that occurred whilst a person was undergoing surgery or being treated in hospital. These injuries are as a result of damage caused by a medical procedure, or medical incompetence.

Injury Solicitors take on more medical injury cases

Examples of medical injury cases include women claiming for badly performed breast implant surgery. The PIP implants scandal is expected to generate more of this kind of case. People who have had hip replacements carried out using faulty replacement joints are also expected to swell the ranks of people making medical injury claims.

More and more people who went into hospital and contracted MRSA are also claiming for compensation. If they can prove that the hospital was unclean or that staff did not follow hygiene protocols they can win substantial compensation. The same is true for people who contract hepatitis C or C-dif.

Some medical related claims are not made against hospitals and surgeries. Gastric illnesses can cause long-term health problems. You can contract these illnesses when you eat out or use a caterer. In these cases, the restaurants or caterers are the ones medical claims are made against.

The award winning Scottish firm Thompson’s Solicitors are dealing with more medical related cases. They are well placed to help people with these kinds of cases. The fact that they have already dealt with thousands of cases relating to industrial illnesses such as asbestosis makes them well placed to deal with other medical related cases. Their experience at dealing with medical evidence is part of the reason they are so successful with these new kinds of compensation claims.


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