Innermost Secrets Launch Fetal Fibronectin Test In The UK

Fibronectin Test

Cardiff, United Kingdom (August 31, 2010) – Innermost Secrets, a leading fertility clinic, launch its Preterm Birth Screening Service which can help predict the risk of preterm delivery and late miscarriage.

As reported by the Western Mail this week, Innermost Secrets are the first UK company to launch a service for pregnant women at risk of premature birth and late miscarriage. Based on a simple vaginal swab, the test measures a chemical called Fetal Fibronectin which is normally only found in high concentrations in women preparing to go into labor. If negative, the test predicts with 99.8 percent accuracy that the mother will not deliver her baby in the next 2 weeks. Previously this screening test has only been available in the US, where it has been described by various medical experts as a superior tool for assessing the risk of preterm delivery.

Dr. Bryan Beattie, Consultant in Fetal Medicine and Director of Innermost Secrets who is based at the Spire Cardiff Hospital said “At long last, we have a highly reliable test which can identify women who may go into labor too soon. These women may require drugs to calm their early uterine activity, steroids to mature their unborn baby’s lungs as well as lifestyle measures such as bedrest, stopping smoking, etc. We can also reliably reassure other women that they won’t deliver early. With 1 in 8 women delivering prematurely, this is a major advance in modern antenatal care. There are many risks for a baby born too soon so anything we can do to reduce that risk is a good thing. We have known for some time that women with multiple pregnancies, uterine abnormalities, previous cervical surgery, diabetes, obesity, being underweight, or who have undergone IVF or ICSI or had a previous preterm birth are at increased risk, but now we can monitor them properly.”

One patient said ‘Losing my baby twins mid-way through my pregnancy was absolutely devastating. No one could have done any more at the time to save them but it is reassuring to know that when I get pregnant again, some of the terrible anxiety can be reduced through this testing. Before this test, there would have been little which could have been done to pick up any problem but this way I and my baby have a fighting chance.’

Innermost Secrets is hoping to develop a network of centers across the UK over the next year to offer the fetal fibronectin vaginal swab test. Testing is currently available in Cardiff and would be done every 2 weeks from 22-34 weeks of pregnancy for around £600 for the full series of tests.

“The fFN test has already proven to be an extremely useful way to detect premature births in the US, and can alleviate patient uncertainty, avoid unnecessary hospitalization, and provide important information on symptoms,” commented Dr. Bryan Beattie, Director of Innermost Secrets.  “Babies who are born prematurely are in greater danger of death and handicap, and so the earlier that a chance of preterm birth can be detected, the better the level of care that can be provided. The fFN test at Innermost Secrets is performed every 2 weeks from 22-34 weeks  to monitor the presence of fetal fibronectin, and to offer the highest quality of care and advice, whatever the results.”

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