Interest in Data Marketing from QBase Being Fed by the Recession

England 14/07/2012- The recession is leading more firms in the UK and across the world to use data marketing from QBase

Increasingly firms are becoming interested in data marketing from QBase. This new demand is fed by several factors. However, the primary one is the recession. Firms are really struggling at the moment, so when QBase tells them that they can help them to sell more, make more of a profit on what they sell and increase their market share firms tend to be interested. Effectively, QBase is pushing against a partially open door. Firms know that in order to survive they need to make more of what they already have.

For several decades, QBase has offered companies across the world data management services. They have helped many firms to take the data that they hold about each customer and unlock its true potential.

Many firms do not realise just how useful the data they hold about each customer really is. They only really look at the top line data, such as how much they sell to each firm to determine if they are an important customer or not. Many firms make the mistake of thinking that their biggest client, in terms of turnover, is automatically their most important customer. However, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes it is the customer who buys the most high profit products that is the most critical to the profitability of a company. If you make 10p on a unit, but make £4 on another unit you sell it is the unit with the £4 profit you want to sell more of.

Data Marketing from QBase

QBase helps firms to see the wood for the trees by tidying up the data firms hold about each customer. They typically pull together information held in various departments across the business into one place. From that point firms can generate a huge array of additional reports that help them to learn more about their customers, which in turn allows them to tailor their marketing and be far more effective with it. In addition, they usually learn more about their business and how to make it more profitable.


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