Interest in Skin Rejuvenation is Growing

England 16/06/2013 – More and more people want to improve the way they look. However, not everyone wants to go under the knife.

As a result interest in Clinetix skin rejuvenation and the other non-surgical treatments they offer is growing. People now understand that plastic surgery is not the only way to hold back the years. Increasingly they are looking for non-surgical options to help keep them looking young and healthy.

The media and celebrities have really helped to spread the word about non-surgical beauty techniques. Over the years, the general public’s understanding of their skin and how it ages has increased greatly, and many now see the need to take better care of their skin. They are especially drawn to skin rejuvenation because it offers a more gentle and gradual way of reversing the aging process.

The fact that there is such a wide choice of treatments available is also fuelling interest from consumers. News about new treatments spread fast and this is inspiring even more people to give these revitalizing treatments a try.

Facial treatments still the most popular treatments

Some of the newer treatments can potentially be used on all parts of the body. However, the majority of the demand is still coming from people who want treatment on their face and neck. This is understandable because the face and neck are visible at all times.

Botox is still very popular, but people are increasingly turning to wrinkle-relaxing treatments, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion or Microneedling instead. They like the look that these newer treatments produce, and many feel that they slow down the aging process in a more natural way. The fact that most of these treatments do not take long or cost a great deal is also helping to make them popular.

For these treatments, people are increasingly turning to clinics, like those run by Clinetix. The fact that these clinics offer such a wide range of skin rejuvenating treatments is a big draw. People feel that they are getting the treatment that is best for them as an individual, rather than simply having to settle for the one or two treatment options that a beauty salon can offer. The fact that the clinic’s management team all have a medical background also gives clients extra confidence in the treatments on offer and is helping to fuel demand.


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