5 October 2011- THOUSANDS of Irish dancers are running the risk of hair loss due to the damage caused by heavy wigs and extensions.

Irish doctors have voiced their concern over the severe impact extravagant and heavy Irish dancing wigs, which are often tightly pinned to young girls’ heads, can have on hair growth.

A number of cases have been highlighted where Irish dancers have experienced bald patches developing after wearing tight wigs.

Female hair loss specialist, Lucas Sojka, managing director of Hair Solved, explains:

“Excessive styling and pinning of hair puts your locks under intense pressure. If a heavy wig is firmly pinned in the same place over and over again traction alopecia could develop.”

Traction alopecia is a form of gradual hair loss which is caused primarily by a pulling force being applied to hair. It can be effectively treated if quickly diagnosed but can lead to permanent alopecia if ignored and hair undergoes continued pressure.

Lucas, who recently launched his first female hair loss clinic in Ireland, added:

“Irish dancers need to ensure they do not keep their wigs on for long periods of time and try not to attach wigs in the same area of their head.

“If bald patches continue to develop they should seek help from their doctor or a hair loss specialist.”

Hair Solved has hair loss studios across the UK and offers a bespoke non-surgical hair integration system for females who have lost their hair through conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania and as a result of treatments such as chemotherapy.

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Background on Hair Solved

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