Those in need of cash can secure their loan against their vehicle

England – 12/5/2012-Clients can retain ownership of their car whilst loan is in place

People in need of cash looking for an alternative means of acquiring a loan are invited to enlist the services of Logbook Loans 247, a logbook loans company noted for their flexibility and high levels f customer satisfaction. It’s possible to borrow up to tens of thousands of pounds from the company subject to things like status, and with the opportunity to retain complete ownership of your vehicle, getting on board with Logbook Loans 247 could enable to access a sum of cash that could really make a difference to your life. Only the logbook itself, a current MOT, spare key and service books are retained by the company whilst the loan is in place.

Most cars under ten years of old are usually accepted when a person applies for a logbook loan, as vehicles are known to decline very quickly once they reach a decade on the road, and because the loan has to be taken out in the name of the person that appears on the logbook, there’s very little scope for fraudulent activity within the logbook loan field. The lack of credit check taking place when a logbook loan is put into place makes it a very attractive proposition for those suffering from bad credit ratings, which have often occurred through no fault of their own. Perhaps someone needs money for an investment or to pay back an increasing sum to a creditor and has not been able to find the money elsewhere. Logbook loans make it easy to access the funds, and with only a few items being kept by Logbook Loans 247, the disadvantages to the customer are very insignificant.

Customers can finally attain the independence they need even with bad credit

The freedom and flexibility given to Logbook Loans 247 customers suffering from bad credit can make a vast difference to their lives and with some of the most competitive rates on the market, the company really are one of the leading players in their field. Even with CCJ’s, it’s possible to secure a loan and each case is treated fairly and on an individual basis. Those struggling to raise money through other channels may just find that this logbook loans service gives them just the breakthrough they need.



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