London, United Kingdom (XX April 2011) – One of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, ISC Medical, detail how graphology can be used in interviews as a consultant-level recruitment aid.

ISC Medical has revealed that they know of at least two Trusts currently using graphology expertise to assist in high-level recruitment, using it to identify personality traits that an interview panel may wish to probe further into.

The medical interview skills consultancy believes that graphology, the study of handwriting, is viewed by many employers as an ‘inexact’ method upon which to base recruitment, and believe that this ‘pseudoscience’ shouldn’t be as relied upon by interviewers when deciphering which candidates are right for the job. ISC Medical believe that graphology is only useful as a very rough guide when attempting to gain perspective on potential employees, and that interviewers should instead rely on certified training programmes to learn interviewing skills.

“Sometimes I use basic graphology principles at the start of my courses to determine whether candidates, based on how they write their names on the name board, are likely to be resistant to learning, or whether they may be oversensitive and therefore need handling with care,” commented ISC Medical Managing Director, Olivier Picard. “It can be a useful tool at a very generic level, but no more than that. I am personally finding it very worrying it that some trusts are even considering using it because although it can usefully direct questioning at interviews, it does not have enough credibility to be used as part of process that should be treated a little more seriously.”

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