ITQ – a workplace essential

It is estimated that over three-quarters of the UK workforce use IT in their jobs but 1 in 10 businesses say there are gaps in the IT skills they need.  There are estimated to be 17 million people in England alone who use computers at work and this number is growing fast, with more than 90% of new job adverts requiring IT skills. However, while IT has become an increasingly essential part of modern business, there still remains a significant IT user skills gap in the workforce.

Being IT literate and comfortable using technology is now increasingly important in getting a job as the figures quoted above illustrate; if you are not IT literate you are effectively limiting your job search to only 1 in 10 vacancies!

ITQ qualifications such as those awarded by OCR will not only give you the skills and knowledge needed in today’s workplace but will also give you the evidence you need to prove to potential employers that you have those skills.  Of course, not everyone is looking for a new job and ITQ will enable you to be more effective in your current job enhancing your effectiveness and improving your productivity.

The best ITQ qualifications offer the flexibility to “pick & mix” from a variety of topics but when choosing a course it is vital that you ensure the basics are in place.  In particular you should look for courses that cover essential office productivity tools such as spreadsheets, word processing and presentation packages.  Microsoft Office is by far the most common suite used by business and it is vital to be able to find your way around it!

Of course IT skills are not only useful in the workplace but increasingly necessary in everyday life.  It may well be an urban myth that there is more computing power in a present day washing machine than there was on the first Apollo mission to the moon but it does make the point that we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and that makes it essential to have the skills and knowledge to keep up!

Here at Lewis College we offer OCR accredited ITQ qualifications leading to certificates and diplomas at level 2 or level 3.  We are constantly refreshing the range of modules that contribute to these qualifications to ensure that our courses are relevant and appropriate to the demands of modern day businesses.  Distance learning is a great way to study for your ITQ giving you the flexibility to learn when and where you like.

So, don’t get left behind and don’t limit your job opportunities.  Get yourself an ITQ and open up a new horizon of career potential.


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