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Situated along South Africa’s Eastern Cape, the Kariega Game Reserve offers intrepid travelers the chance to experience breathtaking safari adventures and provides a perfect setting for exploring some of Africa’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes.

Popularised by late-nineteenth-century literary works which told of great exploration and adventure, the safari was first undertaken by the English artist and explorer, William Cornwallis Harris, in 1836; his traveling style and predilection for hunting paved the way for future expeditions.

No longer associated with the big game hunting that took place in the past, safaris have come to be enjoyed by more peaceful, more respectful travelers looking to explore Africa’s captivating natural beauty and its striking wildlife.

An unforgettable experience, the safari has now become synonymous with mystery and intrigue, with the continent’s tropical and subarctic climes, and its rich diversity and density of fauna attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Set against the backdrop of South Africa’s vibrant, unspoiled landscape, here at the Kariega Game Reserve our safaris stretch across 9,000 hectares, offering guests the chance to observe up close the Big Five Game. We keep alive the traditional safari spirit, adopting more modern safari practices of wildlife observation and looking to reduce our footprint on the land.

With twice-daily safari drives and river cruises, make the most of your time here at Kariega Game Reserve. We’ll bring you close to the plentiful African game, our skilled and knowledgeable safari rangers wending their way through the African bush and traversing valleys in open game-drive vehicles.

With our fantastic lodges located around the reserve, here at Kariega Game Reserve, we have accommodation for families, friends, and couples; luxury accommodation in which our guests can find peace and tranquillity, relax, and enjoy their surroundings.

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Kariega Game Reserve

South Africa

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Web: http://www.kariega.co.za/

Email: reservations@kariega.co.za

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