England 16/12/2012- Power management is not something many firms gave much thought to until the price of power began to rise, today, they do

There is growing interest in power management in the UK and many other parts of the world. The rising cost of power has led many firms to review how they use electric and other power sources within their businesses. Many have realised that power quality is nearly as important as managing power consumption. It is almost two sides of the same coin. Interest in power quality solutions from Optipro, which are bespoke solutions, has soared in the past decade or so.

Power quality solutions from Optipro
Optipro’s bespoke approach gives them the edge. They look at each business at an individual level. Within each business, they examine the needs of every site and come up with bespoke power management solutions for each of them.

There are several ways of optimising power to ensure that a commercial building or factory consumes no more power than is necessary. The main benefit to managing power effectively is saving money on power consumption itself.

Voltage optimisation ensures that a company does not send excess amounts of power to machines and electrical systems within their premises. A bespoke power management system can potentially send a different voltage to different parts of a site, or even a building. Doing saves many businesses a huge amount of money year after year.

Fluctuations in power supply also lead to wastage and to other potentially costly problems. Most machinery and electrical systems benefit from a constant voltage supply. They function more efficiently, and there is less chance of damage to the machines.

It is harder for firms to understand the benefits of voltage stabilisation than it is for them to understand the cost advantage of voltage reduction. However, slowly but surely firms are waking up to the need to install these power quality systems as well as power regulation systems.

Optipro offer both, so are in a strong position to take advantage of the interest that is coming from many SMEs as well as large international companies. Some commercial property landlords are also retro fitting their properties with power systems. For them being able to provide potential tenants with cutting edge power management is a big selling point, which makes their properties far more attractive.

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