Damp Proofing Specialists

April 2012 – If you own your own home or you are a landlord of a property then it is essential that you give careful consideration to damp and the damp proofing methods that are appropriate for you. Many people see damp as a small problem and not one that they should worry about, however damp spreads quickly and so if it is not treated then you are going to have a much bigger problem on your hands.

London Home Counties offer a whole range of damp proofing products and services which means you can be sure that whatever you are looking for they will have something to suit you. Whether you are looking to convert as basement and want to make sure it isn’t ruined by damp or you already have damp and want help on getting rid of it, they will be able to provide the expert advice that you need.

Their website has been designed to be easy to use with tons of advice on problems such as woodworm and insect infestation so they are your one stop shop when it comes to your home and helping to keep it as safe and secure as possible.

Contact Information:

London & Home Counties
31A Whitehorse Street,

Baldock, Hertfordshire
Zip: SG7 6QF

Tel: 0208 365 3724
Email:  enquiries@london-homecounties.co.uk


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