Marmalade Opens Doors to New Platforms for Cocos2d

London, UK,  (7th March, 2012) – Marmalade, the world’s most powerful mobile apps SDK, is helping open source game engine Cocos2d move to the next level of success – enabling easy distribution of its apps to a range of new platforms.

Originally used to create 2D games for iPhone, Cocos2d now works fully with Marmalade, an open and standards-based SDK for cross-platform mobile development. As a result, Marmalade licensees can now use Cocos2d, free of charge, to create great 2D games – and deploy them simultaneously to iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and beyond. For the first time ever, Cocos2d games can also be developed and deployed to iOS entirely from a Windows PC environment.

While games engines can lock developers into a proprietary way of creating apps, Marmalade takes the opposite approach. It offers developers both simple OS abstraction and C/C++ standards compliance – allowing them to plug in a vast array of open source tools, modules and engines.

And by joining forces with game engines like Cocos2d, Marmalade not only gives developers more freedom in the way they create mobile apps – but also in where they deploy them.

Marmalade’s partnership with Cocos2d has already borne fruit in the form of several notable games, including PowerDown by Albino Pixel. Ported from iOS to Marmalade, this is now available from both the App Store and Android Market.

Dave Allanson, Technical Director of Albino Pixel, said: “It took just two weeks to port our existing Cocos2d game for iOS to Marmalade, and deploy it to Android Market. Now that we’re working with Marmalade, we can easily publish apps to a host of other platforms that were previously beyond our reach.”

And with well over 3,000 games already created for iOS in Cocos2d, Marmalade is confident that a large proportion of this catalogue can be ported to its SDK just as easily.

To download Cocos2d for use with Marmalade, visit:

To download the Marmalade SDK, visit:

About Marmalade:

The Marmalade SDK is a cross-platform development environment for rich apps and games on smartphones, tablets and other embedded platforms. Marmalade allows developers to compile a single codebase to native CPU instructions, then deploy apps easily to all iOS, Android, bada and BlackBerry 10 devices, as well as other platforms including Smart TV. Marmalade has been adopted by thousands of developers around the world, including leading publishers and has enabled a number of high profile, high performance AAA titles including four #1 games on the Apple App Store. Launched at the end of 2009 (and formerly known as Airplay SDK), Marmalade has achieved over 50,000 installations worldwide, currently increasing at a rate of over 750 new installations every week. Hundreds of Marmalade apps are now available for download across multiple channels including the Apple App Store, Android Market, Samsung Apps, BlackBerry App World and more. Marmalade has headquarters in London with offices in San Francisco, Korea and Japan.

Contact Marmalade:

Simon Judges for Marmalade UK and Europe
+44 207 484 6288 / +44 7949 138017

Dan Gamble for Marmalade US
+1 (415) 598-8902 / +1 (415) 971-7938


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