East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, (4th November, 2011) – Monster Supplements, a leading online bodybuilding, sports, cheap protein supplements and creatine retailer, announce the launch of the new PhD Synergy product.

Monster Supplements is a leading provider of the market’s best supplements to aid exercise performance, weight gain, fat burning and more. Monster Supplements are passionate about providing their customers with the most diverse range of products on the market from the best brands, and they are all available for an incredibly competitive price.

Monster Supplements has recently announced they will be launching the new PhD Synergy ISO-7 product on 7th November 2011. This fantastic product can ultimately enhance workout performance for both men and women. The PhD Synergy ISO-7 will offer a 5g creatine per serving and contains avena sativa and MCTs, so it is nutritious and can prevent muscle fatigue. As well as offering many superb health benefits, this new PhD Synergy ISO-7 also tastes delicious due to its excellent mixability.

Mark Bowering, Managing Director of Monster Supplements, commented: “We are delighted to introduce the new PhD Synergy ISO-7 which now contains added glutamine peptides. Our mission is to provide the best PhD Nutrition products on the market at the best price, and this new product is no exception. We are confident that the new PhD Synergy ISO-7 will be a big hit on our online store due to its health benefits, exercise performance capabilities and great taste.”

For more information on Monster Supplements and the new PhD Synergy ISO-7, visit their website at http://monstersupplements.com/ or telephone 0800 107 7845.

About Monster Supplements:
Monster Supplements are one of the largest online retailers of bodybuilding supplements and muscle supplements in the UK today. Their Hull warehouse has a capacity of over 25,000ft which is home to a huge range of supplements to aid weight loss and to gain bulk. They can offer free delivery within the UK for their online products, and customers ordering online can typically save 50% when compared to high-street prices. They also offer training advice for free, either in-store or through their 24-hour helpline.

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