Cosmetics Promote Inner Beauty


True beauty reflects what lies within. Whether or not you wear makeup, buy cosmetics, or use face care products, it is wise for you to accept that what you see in the mirror is a reflection of who you choose to be. You have your own right to beauty. You can put on make-up if you think it will highlight your best features. Using cosmetics is a part of grooming, a part of respecting your body and keeping it in top shape. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to choose the best face care products; the quest for beauty should not compromise your health.

Cosmetics should enhance the beauty you already have from within. It is meant to aid you and promote a healthy self-identity. Although the power of makeup can be abused time and time again, there is no reason to think that cosmetics promote only superficial beauty. Cosmetics help women overcome their shyness, bringing them out of their shells. Makeup helps showcase your God-given beauty, giving it a human touch.

Face care products, aside from possessing aesthetic value, also carry medical properties. They can help treat acne, dermatitis, dry skin, premature skin aging, skin pigmentation, and many other skin maladies that the average woman may experience. Calling them tools of vanity is an unfair oversimplification as they actually help treat diseases. Their value surpasses beauty; they have curative effects that should not be underplayed. Cosmetics, just like any other tool used by the modern woman, can be either overused or underused; the secret, therefore, lies in moderation. Tasteful restraint, coupled with the wisdom to use more if needed, gives justice to your makeup.

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Adams Lee

Adams Lee

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